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Where there was first only match, now it has an equal and cheaper rivalÖ which is Pleanty of fish and they have shot off with a bang. In fact they are so much cheaper than match, they are actually free. I like what theyíve done with the site as well. It looks much more professional than when they first got it up and running. In fact, it looked more like craigslist when it first got started as they were trying to maintain the ďclassified section theme.Ē I understood this but then in phase 2 of Pleantyoffish, they made it just look amateurish. The current theme is nicer than the first two but keeps the same organization throughout the site. I donít have a big problem with that, in fact I like it.

To give you an idea of my experience with Pleantyoffish, I was a member for over two years before I finally found my current wife. While I didnít meet her on the site, I did have a good experience with them. I liked what they did with the way they match people. It was easy for me to get online and find exactly what it was I was looking for. The problem with many other sites is the searching query function. I generally donít see sites that will allow you to look for someone who is actually thin while also making it clean and secure. The other sites that seem like that end up being pay sites or sites that have tiny databases.

Let me tell you about my first experience with Pleantyoffish from my first log in. I was filling out my profile and wondering how badly I wanted people to be able to see this info about me. Well, as it turns out I got 3 emails from girls I have known in the area within the first couple of days of completing my profile. The second was a girl I went to high school with and hadnít talked to in about 10 years. She was the head cheerleader and the girl that everyone dreamed of datingÖ even some of the other girls I think. Anyways, I received this email asking me about my current situation and just some typical chit chat. I was a little shocked at first, but decided to respond to her. The only issue is that I didnít respond to the other two and the three of them are really close these days. The two girls I didnít respond to both wrote me long emails about how much they hated me. They each told me that they thought I was a jerk and shouldnít just try to talk to Katie since she was the cutest of the three. Well, as it turns out, they were right.

Katie turned out to be a little crazy and I didnít quite know what to do about it. I liked her in high school but to say that she looked anything like she did back then would be a far exaggeration. In her pictures, it had looked like she gained about 10 pounds which I can deal with, but in real life she had gained more like 50. I am not an extremely shallow person, but I am a person who stays extremely physically fit. In the case of Katie, it was just as much about her personality as it was her lying about her weight. I didnít know if she just assumed that because everyone wanted her back in high school, sheíd always be sought after and felt no need to keep in shape or what. For that, I didnít have the greatest first experience with Pleantyoffish but I didnít give up there. I just gave it a little time.

The next few girls I met from the site were all down to earth and had really fun personalities. I would have liked to take each of those relationships a little further but I also didnít know if I was ready. The nice thing about getting into Pleantyoffish a few years back was that there werenít as many guys on there and girls werenít getting asked out every 5 seconds or so. I was able to talk to about 20 different girls per week and usually that lead to 3 or 4 dates per week. Any other guy would say this is great but this got really expensive really quickly. I didnít mind that as much at the time but as time went on I realized I was spending $330-$500 per week. This is just too much for me since I am an Accountant, not the owner of an Accounting Firm. I didnít find what I was looking for, but I genuinely believe that most guys could.

After a few years of searching, I found my lovely wife organically. While Pleantyoffish didnít directly influence my relationship with my wife, I was able to get a lot of date practice in on the site which I think helps a lot to this day.